The pizza on the right was an experiment I did for a friend who requested a Gluten-free crust.
It is a spinach and garlic deep dish that came out surprisingly well.

The pizza on the left is a traditional all sausage / half pepperoni, which was also exceptional.

photo by Alejandra Guererro –

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2 comments on “Deep Dish Pizza – Food Pr0n – Gluten Free
  1. kenny haager says:

    My fiance is celiac and cant eat gluten,was wondering if i can get the recipe for the gluten free deepdish pizza.

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      I used a store-bought gluten-free pizza crust/baking mix (I think it was Bob’s Red Mill) and increased the oil amount and reduced the water amounts recommended in the package instructions. It was just something I did on the fly for a friend who requested it.
      If you’re baking with the usual gluten-free baking ingredients or mixes, look for a yeast based GF pizza dough, bread or biscuit recipe that can handle a 30-40 minute bake time.

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