Pizza Food Pr0n – Saturday Night at the ‘Quods

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Pequod’s is always packed on a Saturday night.
This is why:
Pepperoni with Garlic; always a good combo.
Italian Sausage and Canadian Bacon / half Mushroom;
Not a bad combo ,  but the Canadian Bacon does take over.
A few tips for first-timers:
As mentioned in a previous pizza rant,

Pequod’s pan pizza has caramelized (read: burnt) cheese on the outer crust;
This is the reason you come here.

When ordering, make sure you order the PAN pizza and not the thin crust. The thin, although not bad, does not have this crunchy cheesy goodness on it’s outer crust, and you will leave disappointed.
Keep the number of toppings to a minimum. I typically recommend only 2 toppings at a time, but I wouldn’t go over 3. Don’t go overboard or you will lose the greatness of this pizza in all of the toppings.

My fellow Pequod-a-holics and I have come up with a consensus of good combinations; here are a few of our favorites:

Pepperoni and Garlic
– You really can’t go wrong with this one (My personal favorite).

Italian Sausage and Pepperoncini (spicy yellow peppers) – for the people who like a little heat.

Italian Sausage and … just about anything – They have great Italian Sausage at Pequod’s.

Pepperoni / Sausage combo - best of both worlds.

Spinach and Garlic – a classic combo (even better with Italian Sausage).

The Heartstopper - You could ask for it by name, but they won’t know what the heck you’re talking about. This is the only exception to the 3 toppings or less rule. Every meat available goes on this pie (Sausage, Ground Beef, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni), with the optional addition of fresh garlic, and yes, you do run the risk of not getting the full effect of a Pequod pizza, but … damn, it’s good.

One final note: You may very well think this is the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Just remember to put the little asterisk * in there in your mind, because this style of pan pizza is not really authentic ‘Chicago Style’; it’s more of a hybrid of Chicago and Sicilian/Detroit style, baked in a round deep-dish pan instead of the rectangular pans they use in Detroit (look up Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit). That said, Pequod’s is in my top 3 for Deep Dish/Pan pizza , and the leader changes from week to week depending on my mood.
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One comment on “Pizza Food Pr0n – Saturday Night at the ‘Quods
  1. melg1280 says:

    i like how my chipmunk cheeks got in this pic Ed…

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