Pizza de Mayo 2012

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Pizza De Mayo happens during the second week of May every year. When you choose to celebrate it on that week is up to you. Margaritas are, of course, entirely optional.


You can read about Pizza De Mayo 2010 here.

PDM 2011:

Pizza De Mayo 2011 featured the glorious return of
‘Deep Dish MEATZA 2 (Electric Meataloo)’.
More stable than the original with the addition of an outer crust,
this well-constructed deep dish marvel was a meat-a-licious cheese-a-riffic flavor bomb.

Deep Dish MEATZA 2 (Electric Meataloo)

You can read about Pizza De Mayo 2011 here.

This year, new combinations will emerge with a vengeance.

Will Meatza return?
Will we be able to survive another attempt?
Will coronary bypass be required?

Will another pizza emerge to surpass it’s culinary glory?
Will it be Sweet or Spicy?
Will 6-hour BBQ smoked items appear?
Will peanut butter be involved?
Do I have enough tomatoes?
Will I need to re-stock the bar?
Should I start selling tickets to this thing?
Only time will tell.

Stay Tuned…
(America!!!! Eff Yeah!)


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