DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven

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Deep Dish 101DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven

To follow up a bit on things I mentioned in
Lesson 4: Nuts & Bolts (go read the YOUR OVEN part if you haven’t yet),
here’s a little diagram of how I prepare my home oven to bake pizzas.

Pizzafication - Pizza Oven Home Mod - diagram - CLICK to view this image full size in a new window

This is a 30″ standard size oven. Your results may vary, but this should get you in the ballpark.

Preheat your oven for 45 to 60 minutes, to get the pizza stone up to temperature.
If you don’t preheat your stone, it will act as a heat barrier (the opposite of what you want)
and the bottom of your pizza won’t get crispy, and/or your pizza will take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to bake.

If you’re one of those impatient types, you don’t have to bake on top of a stone.
Just make sure to use an aluminum foil shield on the top rack to protect your pizza from burning on top.

I recommend starting your oven at 500 degrees F, then turn down the oven to your target baking temperature once you’ve put your pizza in the oven.

Post a comment on this article and I’ll do my best to answer.
Good luck! Happy Pizza-ing!

Looking for a Pizza Stone?

American Metalcraft Economy Rectangular Pizza Stone, 15″ x 14″

from: AbestKitchen.com

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7 comments on “DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven
  1. Neil Carson says:

    I am using a circular ceramic pizza stone I picked up at Target…wondering if there is a big difference in quality from stone to stone? Also is rectangular preferred over other shapes for any reason?

    Thanks for all the amazing advice and guidance!

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      I’ve only used rectangular stones. I prefer them because it gives you extra room to move pizzas around if you’re baking directly on the stone. Thicker stones tend to break less often and hold heat longer after you’ve preheated them, but most pizza stones work fine if you don’t abuse them.

  2. Esmeralda says:

    Is this the same for Chicago thin crust? And how long does it take for the thin one?
    This website is aaaaawesooooome!! 🙂 Thank you so much for teaching us these amazing things!

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      Is what the same? Pizzafication? Pretty much, yes. If you find that your thin crust pizzas aren’t getting enough heat on top, you can always pull out the foil on the top rack.

  3. Toph says:

    Any thoughts on how to pizzafy an electric oven? With the heating element on top, the shield on the top rack won’t work. I can get it to 500 degrees, but having trouble getting my crust to crisp up. Thanks!

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      Are you saying that you don’t have a heating element on the bottom, only on the top?

      If that’s the case, then I think you can still pizzafy your oven, but you might want to use a baking sheet in place of the sheet of aluminum foil on the top rack to help diffuse the heat a little better, and this would be a situation where having a preheated baking stone (40-60 minutes) will help you maintain the heat on the bottom.

  4. Kat says:

    Re: oven light or “that thing in Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase” – laughed at that… The coffee in my mouth nearly went on a field trip all over my keyboard… thanks for the site! 🙂

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