Order Some Frozen Chicago Deep Dish Pizzas If You Want

Order Some Frozen Chicago Deep Dish Pizzas If You Want

I get it. You want to send something distinctively Chicago to your friends in other cities, and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza sounds great, but even though you’ve managed to bake up a really good deep dish pizza at home (thanks in part to this wonderful website), you may not have your own subzero freezer and unlimited supply of dry ice and packing materials. Also, you’re thinking, “dang, I’d have to get up out of my comfy chair and go ship the darn thing too,” so it’s perfectly reasonable to exclaim loudly into your mobile device, and probably a confused pet or roommate,

“I could ORDER some frozen deep dish or stuffed pizzas and let THEM ship them nation-wide for me!
Thank you, Convenient Online Interweb Shopping Dealie!”

You know what? That’s totally cool with me.
I don’t often order frozen pizzas because I prefer to make my own, so I won’t make any recommendations, but here’s a list of places that ship frozen pizzas:

BTW, I don’t make a penny by telling you about these (unless you ordered from the amazon link below), but this is the kind of information that I think you’d want to know.
If you know any other Chicago pizza restaurants that ship their pizzas nationwide, please let me know and I will consider adding them to the list.

Chicago Pizza Joints That Ship Frozen Pizzas:

(shipping methods are varied – your mileage may vary)

If you’re looking for stuffed pizza:
Nancy’s: https://shipnancyspizza.com/
Giordano’s: https://gio1.ultracartstore.com/
Edwardo’s: https://edwardospizza.goldbely.com/

If you’d prefer original deep dish, most of the big Chicago joints have a frozen shipping department now:
Pizzeria Uno: https://ship.unos.com/

Lou Malnati’s: https://www.loumalnatis.com/ship-lous

The Lou’s are 9 inches and Uno pizzas are 10 inches in diameter.

Gino’s East has 11 inch pizzas: https://ginoseast.goldbely.com/

Pizano’s ships both deep dish and thin crust pizzas: https://www.pizanosshipmeone.com/

My Pi ships the bigger 12 inch pizzas if you’re looking for best value: https://www.mypiepizza.com/nationwidedelivery

Chicago’s Pizza ships deep dish and stuffed: http://www.asliceofchicago.com/

Connie’s ships their pizzas too: https://www.conniespizza.com/ship-pizza-anywhere/

and there is a small mom & pop shop called Giovanni’s which will also ship deep dish and stuffed pizzas. If their ordering page is a bit confusing, you might want to email or call them to make sure you get what you want: http://www.giovannispizzachicago.com/Ship-A-Pizza-.html

Chicago Thin Crust? Yep:
I mentioned Pizano’s above, but also:
Aurelio’s: https://www.aureliospizza.com/shipping/

Home Run Inn ships 12 packs of their 6 inch pizzas: https://www.tastesofchicago.com/category/home_run_inn

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3 Comments on “Order Some Frozen Chicago Deep Dish Pizzas If You Want

  1. Bella Bacino’s on Wacker ships their thin crust and stuffed to order anywhere in the US. Just wanted to let you know so you might add to your list. I wish I could get a thin crust cheese pizza shipped to me from Palemo’s on 63rd. Best pizza ever!

    Take care.
    San Diego

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