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vcb rain delay theatre – latest deep dish pizza

Welcome to VCB Rain Delay Theatre,featuring only the best in deep dish pizza “food porn” photos. The field is still wet at Wrigley so the game had been delayed for about an hour and a half,so I’m posting this one

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The Long Awaited – Pizza Rant #3 – A Crusty Rant

You’ve waited long enough.. here it is: Good day, and welcome to Rant #3 – THE CRUST: Deep Dish Dough and the Pequod’s Confusion: To start, I should explain the main difference between a Basic (or New York style) pizza

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Rush Order – Deep Dish

All pepperoni (nicely charred), half bacon / half mushroom and green pepper. I’m gettin’ good at this! A slice from the pepperoni and bacon half.

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