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Food Pr0n – Deep Dish Pizza 4-6-2010

In this evening’s quest for pizza knowledge, 4 pizzas were baked.Food Pr0n photos below: Two moderately successful ‘Quods Clone test pizzas – crust is close, still working on the sauce.One traditional deep dish with spinach and garlic (not pictured), and

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Home-made Italian Sausage Deep Dish and the Pepperoni Pequod Hybrid

I made two test pizzas tonight.One was my first made with a layer of home-made Italian sausage, which tasted great! The other was a modified version of my deep dish pepperoni pizza that I ‘Pequodified’ by kneading the dough by

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PIZZA RANT 2.5 – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza – SUCCESS!

PIZZA RANT 2.5 ( click here to read pizza rant #2 ) – SUCCESS! (sucky pocketpc cameraphone) First attempt… Nearly perfect! Will give details and more pics soon… Gotta eat pizza now. Bye! (unsucky canon g5 digital camera) 2nd slice

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