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If you’ve been following the Real Deep Dish page on Facebook, you’ve probably seen these.

My first Chicago Cubs themed Deep Dish Pizza was made on October 15, 2016.
This was Game 1 of the NLCS. I’m not saying that a deep dish Cubs pizza made Miguel Montero hit a grand slam home run followed by a Dexter Fowler homer but…


Cubs Deep Dish Pizza - NLCS Game 1

Cubs Deep Dish Pizza – NLCS Game 1 – pre-bake

Cubs Deep Dish Pizza - NLCS Game 1 - baked 1

Cubs Deep Dish Pizza – NLCS Game 1 – baked

Cubs Deep Dish Pizza - NLCS Game 1 - baked

I would like to apologize for not baking another deep dish Cubs pizza until October 30th (Game 5).
Had I realized the power of these pies sooner, I would have baked one every night.

This pizza was my first one ever made with BLUE PIZZA DOUGH.

Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 - World Series Game 5 - pre-bake

Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 – World Series Game 5 – pre-bake


Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 - World Series Game 5 - baked

Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 – World Series Game 5 – baked

Game 6 involved the reheating and consumption of slices leftover from the Game 5 pizza.
This was confirmed to be effective when paired with Green River soda, a Chicago original!

Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 - World Series Game 6 - reheated

Cubs Deep Dish 10-30-2016 – World Series Game 6 – reheated

I wanted the Game 7 pizza to be special, so I made blue AND red pizza dough for this one.  Some of the blue dough was used to decorate the italian sausage Cubby Bear on top of the pizza. The red part of the crust covers the bottom of the pizza (visible on the slice pictured below).
This pizza was clearly possessed by the ghost of a inebriated broadcaster, as the game created several potential cardiac events with incredible plays, ridiculous errors & an extra inning rain delay, before ending an incredibly long championship drought.

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 - World Series Game 7 - pre-bake

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 – World Series Game 7 – pre-bake

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 - World Series Game 7 - baked

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 – World Series Game 7 – baked

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 - World Series Game 7 - baked slice

Cubs Deep Dish 11-02-2016 – World Series Game 7 – baked slice

You’re welcome, Chicago!
Let’s Win TWO!


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As I have been lax in posting on RDD lately, I feel that I owe you all some gratuitous deep dish pizza food porn.

Here’s my first deep dish of 2015:

3 day fridge dough (I usually don’t age my dough this long, but it worked out well) , whole milk mozzarella, roasted garlic/olive oil/semolina paste smeared on the bottom, then 3/4 pound of hot Italian sausage, a layer of Margherita pepperoni, layer of cooked baby spinach with crushed fresh garlic, and topped with a sauce made from half of my thin crust pizza sauce (recipe on the thin crust pizza article on this site) and half crushed Cento tomatoes, then sprinkled with Peccorino Romano and baked in a preheated oven on the stone for 35 minutes. 
I learned that if you add a bit of flour and/or semolina above or below the meats, it helps to absorb some of the excess liquids and makes your pizza less weepy.


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2014! New year – New Recipe!

No, it’s not the Chicago Thin Crust recipe. I’m still working on that.
(If you are up for trying an intermediate level recipe and you have some skills,
here’s my latest test recipe for Chicago style thin crust: click here to download the PDF )
Follow RealDeepDish on Facebook to check out the progress and join in on the fun.

I have updated the main recipe for Deep Dish Pizza.

(some of you know it as the Deep Dish Holy Grail Recipe)

You can find it here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Why the update?

Two reasons:
1) My crusts were turning out really thin (not always a bad thing), so I was a bit concerned about stability, and I thought you could benefit with a little bit more dough to work with.

2) I wanted to make the dough less stiff and closer to the soft puffy cloud, memory-foam-mattress-like texture that you see when Marc Malnati presses out his dough on TV.
Overall, I wanted to give you all a better dough that was easier to use. While I was at it, I did a slight revision on the instructions as well.
I favor hand-mixing and kneading instead of using a mixer,
because it is not hard to do (especially with the new recipe), and it shouldn’t take you very long.

Use 3/4 lb (3 links) of Italian Sausage for a 12″ pizza.
Place dabs of sausage down on top of the cheese so they are just touching, until you have a “web” of sausage covering your whole pie. This is better than pressing out a large patty, and you will reduce the possibility of your sausage shrinking into an island in the middle of your pizza. It’s also easier to do this with food service gloves.

Go easy on the sauce.
For a 12″ deep dish, use 14 to 16 oz (by volume) of crushed tomatoes (drained, if your brand of tomatoes is on the watery side). Cover the whole pie, all the way to the inside edge.

Use protection.
No, not that kind. Put a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil over the top rack of your oven to keep the top burners from burning your pizza before it’s done.
Check out the “Pizzafication” page for more info.

Don’t Overbake.
A 12″ deep dish should take 35-40 minutes in a preheated 450-460 degree oven.
Smaller pizzas will bake faster. A 9 or 10 inch pie will take 25 to 30 minutes.

Give it a rest.
You just took your pizza out of the oven. I know it’s tempting but don’t cut into it.
Not yet. Give it 5-10 minutes to settle. Your pizza is still technically cooking. The moisture needs to get reabsorbed by the sausage and there’s still steam coming off of those tomatoes. Cut into it too soon and you’re going to have a puddle of liquid in your pan. If you still have puddles forming, it’s not the end of the world. Click here for a video tip on grease control.

If you liked one of the previous versions of the Deep Dish recipe,
you can still find them at the links below:
Deep Dish 2013Deep Dish 2012Deep Dish 2011

If you’re counting calories:

One slice of deep dish sausage pizza is about 620 calories.
That’s if you’re cutting a 12″ deep dish into 6 slices.
If you cut a 12″ deep dish into 8 slices, each slice is about 465 calories.

You can now get the nutritional breakdown of a Real Deep Dish recipe slice of cheese or sausage deep dish pizza (both 1/6 and 1/8 portion sizes from a 12 inch pie) at .
Just search the food database for “”
or start at the link below: Nutritional Listings on

On that site, you can track your calorie intake, watch your sodium and potassium levels, and set fitness and weight goals. YOUR GOAL is to be as healthy as possible so every once in a while, you can eat a slice of Deep Dish Chicago Heaven without having a coronary.

Hey Look! Pizza! (aka Deep Dish Heaven)

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