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Pizza De Mayo 2013

Due to a whole lot of weird crazy stuff happening in my life that I won’t get into, I’m having to postpone my Pizza De Mayo this year. The important thing is that you have Pizza De Mayo… SOME TIME

Pizza de Mayo 2012

You can read about Pizza De Mayo 2010 here. PDM 2011: Pizza De Mayo 2011 featured the glorious return of ‘Deep Dish MEATZA 2 (Electric Meataloo)’. More stable than the original with the addition of an outer crust, this well-constructed

Smoked Italian Sausage & Pepperoni Deep Dish Food Pr0n

Remember when I smoked that brisket (that I only got a sandwich picture of) and those ribs (that I posted a photo from LAST year’s attempt) that I cooked a little while back? Oh right… that’s the OTHER blog. Well,