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This One Goes Out To Jon Stewart

It’s easy to compare apples to oranges, but let’s not talk about fruit. Let’s talk PIZZA. Chicago Deep Dish may be strange and unfamiliar to a New Jersey native, but it is PIZZA, regardless of what Jon Stewart and his

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Research and Development means: New Pizza Food Pr0n!

I’ve been working on the first installment of “Deep Dish 101″ , which is coming very soon.  In between compiling, revising, adding new information, and catching all the pizza shows they’re showing on The Cooking Channel, I managed to get

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New Year – New Oven – plus Pizza Food Pr0n

New Year’s Eve, 2010: I am making a deep dish pizza when halfway through the baking, smoke starts coming out of the oven and the smoke alarm goes off. This is not an uncommon occurrence when I bake things in

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Saturday Night Pizza Food Pr0n – Chicago Thin Crust Test

I just baked up a few test pizzas. This time, believe it or not, they were NOT deep dish. I’ve been tweaking a chicago style thin crust dough recipe. more photos after the jump:

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