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Research and Development means: New Pizza Food Pr0n!

I’ve been working on the first installment of “Deep Dish 101” , which is coming very soon.  In between compiling, revising, adding new information, and catching all the pizza shows they’re showing on The Cooking Channel, I managed to get

New Year – New Oven – plus Pizza Food Pr0n

New Year’s Eve, 2010: I am making a deep dish pizza when halfway through the baking, smoke starts coming out of the oven and the smoke alarm goes off. This is not an uncommon occurrence when I bake things in

Saturday Night Pizza Food Pr0n – Chicago Thin Crust Test

I just baked up a few test pizzas. This time, believe it or not, they were NOT deep dish. I’ve been tweaking a chicago style thin crust dough recipe. more photos after the jump: