Deep Dish Anatomy

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Here is a Deep Dish Anatomy Chart in the style of a vintage hanging school chart.
As you can see, Deep Dish Pizza is not built the same way as other pizzas.

Anatomy of a Deep Dish Pizza
Anatomy of a Deep Dish Pizza

Yes, that is Latin on the bottom of the chart. Loosely (poorly?) translated, Catinu Altum Verum means “Real Deep Dish” (duh!); Solanum Lycopersicum is the latin name for the garden variety tomato. Caseum is latin for cheese. It’s an approximation of my deep dish motto: “Sauce on the Top, Cheese on the Bottom”.

The easiest way to tell if a deep dish pizza is authentic is to see if the sauce is on top.
If you see a layer of cheese on top, you are not eating Chicago Style Deep Dish.

Why is the sauce on top?

Protection: The sauce is on top to prevent the cheese and other ingredients from burning during a 30-40 minute baking process.

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4 comments on “Deep Dish Anatomy
  1. Pete says:

    Just digging in and Love the website. I made my first DDP last night; pretty good for the first time doing it.

    Did you ever try Marshall’s pizza in the past? This was a superior pizza out of Wheaton until the tax man shut them down. Big loss in my mind because I’m in Batavia and good pizza is hard to find.

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      Sorry to say I’ve never had a pizza from the Wheaton area.

      Keep making the deep dish! Practice… tasty, tasty practice!

    • Jeff says:

      Marshall’s was great. I miss that place.

      • Lisa says:

        Ed Marshall’S Pizza was the best pizza I’ve ever had. I still get cravings for it! I was there from the very beginning when he was handing out free slices to bring in business. I worked at the local True Value Hardware store nearby and would go there to get lunch. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Sadly, there is nothing I know of to take its place!

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