Hello, Class! Welcome to Deep Dish 101.

Lesson 1

In LESSON ONE of this course, I need to give you a quick history lesson.

A Very Brief History of Pizza:

(featuring too many pieces of information, but possibly not enough, and a ton of run-on sentences, unrelated web-links, and parentheses)

The very first flat breads are thought to have originated thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, where they spread to, or developed independently in, Pompeii, Rome, Greece (where they take credit for inventing everything), and Persia. Most early pizzas were topped with herbs and oils, cheeses and whatever the baker could find, though none of these flat breads had mozzarella or tomatoes like the pizza we know today. Water buffaloes for making buffalo mozzarella didn’t arrive to Rome or Naples until after the fall of the Roman Empire. Tomatoes, brought to Naples from Peru (via Spain) in the early 1520’s (give or take half a decade), were considered poisonous by many Europeans (depending on who was serving you dinner), and would maintain that questionable status in the culinary world until a New Jersey Colonel ended the debate by eating a whole basket of them in 1820. This didn’t stop the infamous ‘wolf peach’ from being widely used in peasant cooking through the 1500’s and beyond. Over the next few hundred years, peasants were baking pizzas, selling them in bakeries, on street carts and in portable head-mounted tin warming contraptions, and somewhere along the way, adding mozzarella and tomatoes. The popularity of that variation of this delicious disc of divinity started to spread to noblemen and royalty.

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I’ve been working on the first installment of “Deep Dish 101” , which is coming very soon.  In between compiling, revising, adding new information, and catching all the pizza shows they’re showing on The Cooking Channel,
I managed to get in a little hands-on pizza R&D, just for you!

I just saw Tony Gemignani pretend to know how to make Chicago Deep Dish!
You don’t do two layers of cheese and sausage! WTF was THAT, Tony?!?
Dude, just stick to what you know!
United Tastes of America – Pizza (2010)

Sorry, I got distracted by televised blasphemy. Here’s the Food Porn!

First, I give you : Traditional Italian Sausage Deep Dish with half Pepperoni;
Crushed Garlic pressed into the dough under the sliced mozzarella.

Next, we have what I think I’ll call a Chicago Shallow-Dish; it’s not quite a Chicago style thin crust.
Using the same dough you’d normally use for a 12″ deep dish, I’ve spread it out into a 14″ round pan.
Half Baby Spinach with Garlic (pre-cooked) / Half Pepperoni.

Shredded Parmesan and Romano pressed into the dough, an uncooked tomato sauce seasoned with salt, sugar, basil, and sriracha hot sauce.  Topped with shredded Cheddar/Mozzarella cheeses.

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Remember when I smoked that brisket (that I only got a sandwich picture of)
and those ribs (that I posted a photo from LAST year’s attempt) that I cooked a little while back?
Oh right… that’s the OTHER blog.
Well, those of you who read that post might recall that I also smoked some sausages at the same time.

Here’s the last of the 6-hour smoked Italian sausages from that meaty endeavour,
sliced up and put into a deep dish pizza along with a few pepperoni slices.
Mozzarella and Provolone cheese bubbled up a bit to the top
and the sausage and pepperoni slices have a nice char on them.

A successful first attempt at merging bbq and deep dish –
6-hour-smoked italian sausage (and pepperoni) with provolone and mozzarella.

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