Tower of Donuts

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A few more boxes and we’ll make it up to the ceiling!

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Late Night at the ‘Quod’s

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Photos from Tuesday evening at Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago.

Photo 1: All Pepperoni pan pizza, with the signature caramelized cheddar on the outside of the crust.
 This is my favorite kind of pizza from Pequod’s, followed closely by italian sausage or the pepperoni/sausage combo.

Photo 2: Despite my efforts to warn them, my friends feel like experimenting with toppings on the 2nd pie.
 On one half: Italian Sausage and Hot Pepperoncino Peppers (not bad!)
 On the other half: Spinach, Garlic, and… Anchovies.

Just say NO to anchovies on a pizza.
This has been a public service announcement.
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Holiday Deep Dish!!! – YAY, PIZZA!

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Sadly, this is the only photo of those pizzas,
as they were quickly eaten to hide the evidence.
p.s. – mmmmmmmmmm pizza!

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