The Truth Will Set You Free.

Conmeal! Best Ingredient EVER!

If you’ve been reading the articles at Real Deep Dish for a while,
you should already know this.
If you just got here, you may be in for a shocker:




Stop saying that it does. It does not. No. There is none. No cornmeal. Nope.

But why is Gino’s East crust so yellow?

The secret to their “secret, golden crust”:
Food dye, aka food color, aka egg shade, aka Yolkoline,
aka FDC Yellow #5 and #6.

But I swear I can taste the corn!

There’s a reason and it’s not cornmeal.
Don’t believe me? Go to your grocery store freezer aisle and look at the ingredient label on a frozen Gino’s East pizza.
Let me save you the trouble and show you a screenshot from the Gino’s East website:

First, you will notice in the “dough” section of the ingredients, there is NO CORNMEAL, just a combination of wheat and malted barley flours and a bunch of nutrients (aka PIZZA FLOUR or All-Purpose Flour).

Second, you will see that Gino’s uses two kinds of vegetable oil, Olive Oil and…
wait for it…


Well, that can’t be all there is to it, can it?

The yellow food color could possibly be messing with your brain,
and some of the dough conditioners (sugar and cream of tartar)
could be messing with the crust texture and flavor a bit,
but yeah, that’s pretty much it.

So spread the word!
(with new stylish merchandise!)

Deep Dish Pizza DOES NOT Have Cornmeal In It!
The Truth Will Set You Free!


3 thoughts on “The Truth Will Set You Free.”

  1. The taste is nowhere the same as it was in the ’70’s. It was totally different and a whole lot better when what they do even say in the ’20’s let alone today.

  2. I come to you for the truth regarding the “corn meal issue” under the leadership of Steve Dolinsky I hold in high regard.
    However -I simply CANNOT accept your thesis based on a frozen version of Gino’s East when it tastes NOTHING like their restaurant version- ESPECIALLY THE CRUST!
    Have you even tried one?
    Welcome to the wonder world of sell-outs.
    Selling your name to a food manufacturer is becoming too popular of a means to make easy money – “Grocery pack” Fannie May “Pixies” anyone!

    1. I have eaten both the frozen and restaurant versions of Gino’s.
      No cornmeal. To be fair, it has been some time since I’ve been to a Gino’s, so if they’ve modified the recipe since then, all bets are off.

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