Home-made Italian Sausage Deep Dish and the Pepperoni Pequod Hybrid

I made two test pizzas tonight.One was my first made with a layer of home-made Italian sausage, which tasted great! The other was a modified version of my deep dish pepperoni pizza that I ‘Pequodified’ by kneading the dough by hand a few extra turns and leaving the dough level instead of raising the outer lip. Also, I surrounded the… Read More »Home-made Italian Sausage Deep Dish and the Pepperoni Pequod Hybrid

more deep dish pizza food porn – SAFE FOR WORK

Photos of one of my latest pies: 12″ (medium) Deep Dish Half Cheese/Half Pepperoni.Sliced mozzarella all over the bottom crust,with a ring of sharp white cheddar around the inside of the outer crust.Topped with a combination of crushed and diced tomatoes. I might take photos of individual slices if i have a camera near me when I reheat the leftovers.

Pizza Rant #1 of many to come

I’m all worked up about pizza right now because our beloved President Obama has chosen to fly his Deep Dish Chicago style pizza from … ST. FREAKIN LOUIS! I’ll chalk this one up to higher priorities (fixin our economy, iraq, afghanistan, flying in the Jonas Brothers for his daughters ) and a limited experience with St. Louis and their history… Read More »Pizza Rant #1 of many to come