Late Night at the ‘Quod’s

Photos from Tuesday evening at Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago. Photo 1: All Pepperoni pan pizza, with the signature caramelized cheddar on the outside of the crust.  This is my favorite kind of pizza from Pequod’s, followed closely by italian sausage or the pepperoni/sausage combo. Photo 2: Despite my efforts to warn them, my friends feel like experimenting with toppings on… Read More »Late Night at the ‘Quod’s

PIZZA RANT 2.5 – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza – SUCCESS!

PIZZA RANT 2.5 ( click here to read pizza rant #2 ) – SUCCESS! First attempt… Nearly perfect! Will give details and more pics soon… Gotta eat pizza now. Bye! 2nd slice 🙂 🙂 🙂 PIZZA RANT #3 will be coming shortly with more details, info on my research, and a recipe. Many thanks to the pizza-philes at chicago… Read More »PIZZA RANT 2.5 – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza – SUCCESS!