Deep Dish 101 – Lesson 3 : Styles of Chicago Pizza and Maybe a Dough Recipe

Lesson 3 – Styles of Chicago Pizza and Maybe a Dough Recipe I was just working out what I was going to post for Lesson 3 when World Famous Pizza Master Tony Gemignani replied to a mini-rant that I had posted prior to some food porn photos in an earlier post (were you able to follow that run-on sentence?). But before I get to that, I should get to this: I had mentioned in an earlier lesson that I would tell you the deal about Chicago styles of pizza. Here’s the deal: There are TWO main styles of Chicago pizza – well, actually there are THREE (*Okay, maybe there’s 4 ). (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition). The two main styles are: 1) Chicago Thin Crust… Read More »Deep Dish 101 – Lesson 3 : Styles of Chicago Pizza and Maybe a Dough Recipe

Toaster Oven Deep Dish Food Pr0n

YES! You CAN successfully make deep dish pizza in a toaster oven. I used a 9″ round Wilton non-stick heavy duty cake pan and baked at 450 degrees F for about 30-35 minutes. In a toaster oven, I highly recommend rotating the pan at least twice during the baking, and cover the top with a piece of aluminum foil if the top starts to char. RELATED ARTICLE: Leftovers – Reheating Deep Dish


(I was going to call this rant ‘Rant Hard With A Vengeance’, but then I remembered – that was the 3rd movie) In one of my earlier rants about Pizzeria Uno, I briefly mentioned a difference between the original location and the ‘Uno Chicago Grill’ chain of restaurants all over the USA. Hearing continually about people’s negative reviews of deep dish pizza after having visited a chain version of the restaurant in cities outside of Chicago, I feel I must make some things clear to the uneducated: Though all the Uno’s restaurants are owned by the same corporation (now headquartered in Boston, MA), only the original locations of Pizzeria Uno and Due in Chicago serve the authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza that originated here back… Read More »Pizza Rant 4 – DISH DEEP OR RANT HARD