chicago thin crust

If you think it's all just deep dish, you don't know Chicago Pizza.

Chicago Thin Crust Pizza – Yes, it’s a thing.

“I am impatient. Where is the thin crust pizza recipe?” DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE FROM THIS LINK! I sure hope you’ll read the stuff below too. It could help a LOT.  You can also use the RDD Quick Dough Recipe! Chicago Thin Crust Pizza – Yes, it’s a thing. In Deep Dish 101 Lesson 3, I told you about 3 styles of Chicago pizza. Thin crust is one of them. Here’s a refresher, courtesy of Dr. Screeny McShots-a-lot, DDS (doctor of digital screenshots): Who invented Chicago Thin Crust? While pizza has been in Chicago at least as early as 1909, it’s not entirely clear who invented the style we know as Chicago Tavern Style Thin Crust. Vito & Nick’s (a TAVERN! – 1946) appears to be… Read More »Chicago Thin Crust Pizza – Yes, it’s a thing.

Pizza Night with the Kids!

I’m making pizza with my niece and nephew tonight! We’re actually using thin-crust pizza dough (still-in-the-testing-phase) tonight, because the kids like to hold their pizza slices, but we’ll still use my deep dish pans just to make it a little easier to get the pizzas in and out of the oven. Here’s a few tips to make Pizza Night with the Kids a little easier: Make your pizza dough ahead of time. You can use my Chicago Thin Crust pizza dough recipe if you like, or there are tons of basic pizza dough recipes on the “inter-webs”! Portion out ingredients like cheese and pepperoni into individual “kits” using zip-top bags or containers. Also, you can put the kids’ names on the containers so they don’t… Read More »Pizza Night with the Kids!