Deep Dish 101

DD101 Extra: Freezing Your Pizza Dough

DD101 Extra: Freezing Your Pizza Dough: A visitor to the website asked about freezing deep dish pizza dough. I’m not a fan of freezing any kind of pizza dough, as it’s not very practical, tends to kill off some of the yeast, and modifies the texture a bit. I’d rather the dough hung out in a zip top bag in the fridge if you’re making it a day or 3 ahead of time, but freezing can be done. PREPARING YOUR DOUGH FOR THE FREEZER: If you know ahead of time that you are going to freeze your dough, you can give it a better chance to recover from the freezing by slightly increasing the yeast and sugar amounts in your dough recipe. After letting your… Read More »DD101 Extra: Freezing Your Pizza Dough

Get Stuffed! How to Build A Stuffed Pizza

Stuffed Pizza – (two crusts with a “ton” of cheese, sausage, etc. between the crusts, and tomato sauce on top); This style was invented in 1971 at Nancy’s Pizza. A variant of deep dish pizza, based on Rocco Palese’s Italian family recipe for “scarciedda“, Stuffed pizza has both a top and bottom crust with a substantial amount of cheese and other ingredients in-between, and the sauce going not inside, but on top of the top crust. The dough used for this style of pizza is closer to a regular pizza dough than that of original Deep Dish. Connie’s, Edwardo’s & Giordano’s are also famous for this style of pizza. OK, FINE! YES, I WILL WORK ON A STUFFED PIZZA RECIPE! Until that is ready… Here is a set of… Read More »Get Stuffed! How to Build A Stuffed Pizza

DD101 Extra: Pizza Math and Ingredient Swapping

DD101 Extra: Pizza Math and Ingredient Swapping – Volume to Weight Conversions and Substitutions Hi, Deep Dishers. If you’re one of the amazing people who downloaded the Deep Dish Pizza Recipe and then looked at those pesky cup-to-gram conversions and wondered… “how the heck did he convert those?”, well you’re in luck, because I’m going to give you a few links with some conversion shortcuts. While I do that, I should tell you something that some of you already know: The Volume-to-Weight ratio of an ingredient can vary, depending on the ingredient. For example: 1 Cup of All Purpose flour (US, not Metric – yeah, they’re different, don’t ask me why) weighs about 125 grams. 1 Cup of Water (US) weighs about 237 grams. 1… Read More »DD101 Extra: Pizza Math and Ingredient Swapping