screenshot from the dough calculator

DD101 Extra: Pizza Math Part 2

In the previous Pizza Math article, I talked about cup-to-gram conversions, ingredient swapping, and conversions. I thought I’d do a follow-up with basics and some helpful tips on using the dough calculator if you are working on your own dough recipe or trying to size a dough recipe up or down for the pan you are using. The dough calculator… Read More »DD101 Extra: Pizza Math Part 2

Get Stuffed! How to Build A Stuffed Pizza

Stuffed Pizza – (two crusts with a “ton” of cheese, sausage, etc. between the crusts, and tomato sauce on top);This style was invented in 1971 at Nancy’s Pizza. A variant of deep dish pizza, based on Rocco Palese’s Italian family recipe for “scarciedda“, Stuffed pizza has both a top and bottom crust with a substantial amount of cheese and other ingredients in-between, and the… Read More »Get Stuffed! How to Build A Stuffed Pizza