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Pizza De Mayo 2013

Pizza De Mayo happens during the second week of May every year. When you choose to celebrate it on that week is up to you. Margaritas are, of course, entirely optional.

Due to a whole lot of weird crazy stuff happening in my life that I won’t get into,
I’m having to postpone my Pizza De Mayo this year.

The important thing is that you have Pizza De Mayo… SOME TIME IN MAY!

Don’t go doing that weird Mayfest type thing where they hold it in June, or Octoberfest in September. Just don’t.

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Pizza Rant #1 of many to come

I’m all worked up about pizza right now because our beloved President Obama has chosen to fly his Deep Dish Chicago style pizza from … ST. FREAKIN LOUIS! I’ll chalk this one up to higher priorities (fixin our economy, iraq, afghanistan, flying in the Jonas Brothers for his daughters ) and a limited experience with St. Louis and their history of ‘pizza’. Mister President, not all midwest pizza is the same. Normally, when talking about pizza, people divide into two categories and start a ‘NY vs Chicago, Deep Dish vs Thin Crust’ war. Often, I argue that you’re comparing apples to oranges. Few can argue that pizza started in Italy and the original American concept of pizza was created (quite nicely) by east coast Italians… Read More »Pizza Rant #1 of many to come