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How to Reheat Your Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish 101 EXTRA: Leftovers / Reheating Deep Dish

Deep Dish 101 EXTRA: Leftovers / Reheating Deep Dish ** Originally Published on Jul 28, 2012 ** This is not really a part of Deep Dish 101, but while it was on my mind, I thought I’d share with you my methods for saving leftovers and reheating deep dish pizza. SAVING LEFTOVERS: This isn’t rocket science – Wrap leftover deep dish pizza in heavy duty aluminum foil and store it in your refrigerator for up to a week. You can also freeze it, but then you’ll want to thaw it in your refrigerator before trying to reheat it. REHEATING: I use my trusty black & decker toaster oven*, but you can certainly use a regular oven for this. Preheat your oven to 425-450 degrees F.… Read More »Deep Dish 101 EXTRA: Leftovers / Reheating Deep Dish

Toaster Oven Deep Dish Food Pr0n

YES! You CAN successfully make deep dish pizza in a toaster oven. I used a 9″ round Wilton non-stick heavy duty cake pan and baked at 450 degrees F for about 30-35 minutes. In a toaster oven, I highly recommend rotating the pan at least twice during the baking, and cover the top with a piece of aluminum foil if the top starts to char. RELATED ARTICLE: Leftovers – Reheating Deep Dish