AMAZING! You can really taste the cornmeal!

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Everyone knows that the reason why deep dish pizza is so great is that incredible cornmeal crust! It’s nearly glowing yellow hue just adds to the majesty of the corniness!

I don’t know what I would do without this indispensable ingredient.

Conmeal! Best Ingredient EVER!

More information about this amazing ingredient after the jump…






April Fool’s.

Authentic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza dough does not have cornmeal in it.
This one simple truth will improve your home-made deep dish pizzas immensely.

You’re welcome.

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4 comments on “AMAZING! You can really taste the cornmeal!
  1. Julio says:

    Hi, I’m really interested on learning how to make deep dish pizza and i ve heard some people use cornmeal on their recipes.

    I ve read your recipe and it says that you can use optional semolina.
    What do you recommend for te best crust??

    I also want to know what kind of fat makes the crust more tasteful.

    Your website is the best thing ever man thanks!

    • realdeep realdeep says:

      Thanks for visiting Real Deep Dish! Here’s some tips:
      Step One: Take any deep dish pizza recipe that has cornmeal in it… AND THROW IT OUT THE NEAREST AIRLOCK.
      Step Two: On your first time making deep dish pizza, DON’T SUBSTITUTE, Read through the instructions TWICE and follow them exactly!
      Step Three: If you want to make substitutions, read the other articles on the site first. I talk about this stuff A LOT!
      Step Four: LIKE the Facebook page. Sometimes I give tips on there that don’t get posted immediately on the website.

      Semolina is made from wheat (it’s what they use to make pasta), so it will blend well with the flour in your dough, but it is OPTIONAL, and you don’t need it. In fact I prefer to make my deep dish dough without it.
      Any fat you want to use that tastes good to you should be good for deep dish. Just keep in mind that non-refined fats and oils can burn after baking for 30+ minutes.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, GOOD one. You got me all fired up and I was about to write a nasty comment. 😀 after all, you taught us that real deep dish does not ever contain cornmeal. Thanks for raising my BP, unnecessarily. 😉

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