PIZZA RANT 2.5 – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza – SUCCESS!

PIZZA RANT 2.5 ( click here to read pizza rant #2 ) –

photo of my very first home made deep dish pizza, inside the oven on top of a pizza stone.

(sucky pocketpc cameraphone)


First attempt… Nearly perfect! Will give details and more pics soon… Gotta eat pizza now. Bye!

photo of my first slice of home made deep dish pizza

2nd slice 🙂 🙂 🙂

PIZZA RANT #3 will be coming shortly with more details, info on my research, and a recipe.
Many thanks to the pizza-philes at chicago style pizza forum, especially Loo Waters,
who gave me some insight and a good place to start.

photo of my first home made deep dish pizza in the pan, with slices removed

photo of my first home made deep dish pizza in the pan with serving spatula, with slices removed

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1 thought on “PIZZA RANT 2.5 – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza – SUCCESS!”

  1. I’ve been investigating a lot about Chicago deep dish pizza and this website is by far the best one. I even took classes with professional chefs for this kind of pizza and no, it didn’t work, your recipe is the only one I really like! Thank you so much for sharing it and helping people as stubborn as me, it was really important to me.
    Do you know the blend and proportions of cheeses they use in Pizzeria Uno for the Four Cheese and pesto deep dish pizza?
    Thank you for everything!

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