It’s finally here – the video you’ve all been waiting for!

Fifteen minutes that you will definitely want back! 🤪

Please Enjoy:

Deep Dish Holy Grail 2021 – The 48 Hour Dough Test!

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If you’re just joining us and saying to yourself,

“What the heck is the Deep Dish Holy Grail?”

The Deep Dish Holy Grail is the nickname for the deep dish pizza recipe.
It was coined during early development of the recipe. If you read the Deep Dish 101 articles, or dive into the archives on this website, you’ll see that the recipe has been updated on several occasions.
Every update is an attempt to improve the dough results for the home baker. Knowing that everyone has their own opinion about what makes the best homemade pizza, I started archiving the older versions of the recipe for people who liked one of those versions better (those links are on the Deep Dish Holy Grail page).

OK, cool… so what’s with the 48 Hour Dough video?

I was testing the latest update to the recipe, posting updates on the RDD Facebook Page, and wanted to know how it worked at different fermentations, so I did a same-day dough test, which came out great; then I did a 24 hour test which was also great. According to the RDD research department, Lou Malnati’s does a 48 hour cold fermentation for their dough, so I figured it would be worthwhile to test the new recipe for that too.  I have some video editing experience, but I hadn’t done it in a while, so this was also a good opportunity for me to practice using the latest version of a popular video editing software which conveniently was part of a creative type cloud which I was already renting. (If you’d like to help me pay for this monthly software rental, donations are very much appreciated – )

The video is not a step-by-step instructional, but does show the basic build of a deep dish pizza, while also featuring the world premiere of the Tomato Song, which I predict will be the song of the summer. This video was made to entertain you while promoting articles on the website. Some of these articles are also featured on the intro page, “For the Love of Deep Dish, MAKE A PIZZA ALREADY!” , which I am hoping you already took a few minutes to read. I hope enjoy the video. It was fun to make, and (hopefully with a bigger budget) I look forward to making some more.


Anodized Aluminum Round Cake / Pizza Pan from Fat Daddio's - via BakeDeco

Fat Daddio’s Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 2″ Deep
from: Kerekes kitchen & Restaurant Supplies

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