DD101: EXTRA – Always Room For Improvement 2 (Electric Pizzaloo)

2014! New year – New Recipe! No, it’s not the Chicago Thin Crust recipe. I’m still working on that. (If you are up for trying an intermediate level recipe and you have some skills, here’s my latest test recipe for Chicago style thin crust: click here to download the PDF ) Follow RealDeepDish on Facebook to check out the progress and join in on the fun. I have updated the main recipe for Deep Dish Pizza. (some of you know it as the Deep Dish Holy Grail Recipe) You can find it here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF Why the update? Two reasons: 1) My crusts were turning out really thin (not always a bad thing), so I was a bit concerned about stability,… Read More »DD101: EXTRA – Always Room For Improvement 2 (Electric Pizzaloo)

Pizza Oven At Home - diagram

DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven

DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven To follow up a bit on things I mentioned in Lesson 4: Nuts & Bolts (go read the YOUR OVEN part if you haven’t yet), here’s a little diagram of how I prepare my home oven to bake pizzas. Tips: Preheat your oven for 45 to 60 minutes, to get the pizza stone up to temperature. If you don’t preheat your stone, it will act as a heat barrier (the opposite of what you want) and the bottom of your pizza won’t get crispy, and/or your pizza will take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to bake. If you’re one of those impatient types, you don’t have to bake on top of a stone. Just make sure to use an aluminum foil shield on… Read More »DD101 Extra: Pizzafication Of Your Oven

Deep Dish 101: Lesson 4 – Nuts and Bolts

Hi. Welcome to Deep Dish 101: Lesson Four – Nuts and Bolts. Β  In the previous lesson, I told you about the main styles of Chicago Pizza : Thin crust (tavern style, box-cut), Deep Dish, and Stuffed, and then finally gave you a workable Deep Dish dough recipe with detailed instructions to make your deep dish pizza at home. Soon, I’ll give you more on pizza assembly and dough preparation, but first I’d like to briefly go over a sometimes overlooked part of pizza-making. I call this lesson “Nuts and Bolts” because I want to talk a bit about the hardware part of making deep dish pizza. Without the proper hardware, you may not get good or consistent results with your pizzas. If, while impatiently… Read More »Deep Dish 101: Lesson 4 – Nuts and Bolts