Deep Dish 101 EXTRA: Important Dates in Chicago Pizza History

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Deep Dish 101 EXTRA:
Important dates in Chicago Pizza History:

Pompei (Sicilian) 1909
Granato’s (Neapolitan) 1924
Pizzeria Uno (Deep Dish) 1943
Vito & Nick’s (Chicago thin crust) 1946
Home Run Inn 1947
Italian Fiesta 1947
Marcello’s Father and Son 1947
Pat’s 1950
Gino’s on Rush 1954
Pizzeria Due 1955
Bill’s (double decker) 1957
Aurelio’s 1959
Connie’s 1962
Rosati’s 1964
Gulliver’s (Burt Katz) 1965
Gino’s East 1966
Lou Malnati’s 1971
Pequod’s Morton Grove 1971
My Pi 1971
Nancy’s (Stuffed) 1971
Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (pizza pot pie) 1972
Giordano’s 1974
Burt’s Place 1985
Pizano’s (Rudy Malnati Jr.) 1991
Bartoli’s (Gino’s East legacy) 2013

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