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Welcome to the Official 
Chicago Pizza RDD 
NFT Token Page! 

The ChicagoPizzaRDD NFT Project
is a project that aims to add
more Chicago Pizza awareness
to the NFT Collecting Community. 

What is an NFT? NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. 
The TL/DR version : it’s a unique digital item, often collectible art,
which is linked to the crypto blockchain network. 
NFT tokens are one more way to share my Chicago pizza art with the world,
and it’s one more way you can collect it.

Chicago Pizza RDD Series TWO is here!

There are 10,000 tokens in this series, and the first 100 are 
now on OpenSea! Check them out HERE! 

I would like to buy some NFTs. What’s the easiest way to get started?

Good question. This project is still fairly new to me, so I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but… 
here’s the basic first time steps which most of you should be able to do: 
First, you need an Ethereum wallet. You’re essentially setting up a bank account connected to the blockchain.
I recommend going to on the web, and tap the CREATE button.
It will show a list of some ethereum wallets that are popular, like Metamask.

You’ll want to download/set-up one of those wallets so you can purchase and exchange tokens. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 1.40.20 PM

When you set up a crypto wallet for the first time…

you’ll likely need to go through some initial verification processes and password setups
because you’re working with currency, 
and the U.S. gov’t might want to know if you’re getting ginormous capital gains
by trading collectible Batleth-Targs TM tokens with the Klingons (you aren’t)

Once you’ve got your wallet, you’ll want to add the “Polygon Network” to your list of networks (you’ll only have to do this once), 
and then add/buy Polygon (MATIC) or Ethereum tokens for your wallet. 
It’s less expensive to use Polygon than Ethereum (blockchain network gas-fees). 
There’s different ways to purchase tokens, your wallet may offer one of those ways inside it’s app. 

Once you have a wallet installed in your browser/device, you will “connect” the wallet to OpenSea.  Connecting your wallet is like putting a key in a car to start it up. 
Once you’re connected, you can set up your OpenSea profile. You can even make your own single item NFTs on there if you like. 

But we’re not here to talk about YOU making NFTs. We’re here to help you collect some Chicago Pizza NFTs.
Once you’ve got your wallet, you can load it with Polygon (MATIC) or Ethereum tokens. you can buy tokens you see for sale on OpenSea. 

Some tokens are only available for sale in certain token currencies. My tokens are all Polygon tokens, but you should also be able to use Ethereum to purchase them on OpenSea.**  
(or mint some from my Netlify Token Bakery – see below)

Every time you start a new browser session on OpenSea, you’ll have to re-connect your wallet, and every time you do a transaction, your wallet will ask you to confirm before it attempts it. I say attempts, because… remember when I mentioned “gas-fees”? Those are little transaction fees for using the blockchain network. When you buy or mint tokens, you have to pay small amounts to use the network, and yes the amount varies, and you can actually bid a higher gas fee percentage to speed up the transaction. You have a better chance of the transaction going through if you use the wallet-recommended gas fees or better. It can sound a bit confusing, but once you try one transaction I hope you’ll better understand how these work. 

I highly recommend starting out buying/trading with POLYGON tokens. The gas fees for using Ethereum are ridiculously high. 

I’ll try to update this page with more info as I get it, but I hope this will help get you started in the crazy wrold of crypto NFTs.

* entirely unsubstantiated – Klingons don’t use crypto anymore 
** again, this is still new to me, so I may not have all the details correct on token exchanges, gas-fees, etc.

Chicago Pizza RDD Series 1 NFTs are STILL available!
(500 tokens in this series)

The ChicagoPizzaRDD NFT Bakery is open
and token minting should be WORKING for Desktop/Laptop/Tablet users (mobile users keep reading).

If you already have the MetaMask extension installed on your browser, you should be able to buy now

You can get the MetaMask crypto wallet & blockchain apps gateway at

If you are on a mobile device, you can install the mobile MetaMask app,
use the browser that is INSIDE THE METAMASK APP
and go to
Hit the “connect” button, then go to the 3 dots and then

RELOAD the page to get the minting interface up.

After reloading the page, you should be able to try minting. 
It’s recommended to choose the fastest (gas fees) network method to make sure your transaction goes through. 
If you have errors trying to mint but your Metamask wallet says the token purchase is “pending” it could be blockchain network traffic.
You can choose to speed up the transaction with more “gas fees”,
wait a while for the transaction to complete,
 or cancel it from inside your MetaMask wallet.

If the token/tokens mint properly, they should be visible on in the ChicagoPizzaRDD collection.

Can’t find your token or didn’t get a link? Send me a message on twitter @rddpizza  or email admin AT realdeepdish DOT com, and I’ll try to help. 

Tokens are for sale in MATIC (Polygon).

Those things are kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Get in early before I figure out how to share these with the masses of #Chicago #Pizza fans.
This first series has only 500 tokens available. 
They are all unique and some combinations are super rare. 
Thanks for your support! 


Here’s the link to the 
Chicago Pizza RDD Token Bakery

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