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Real Deep Dish is your source for REAL info on Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.
This website is an effort to reverse decades of bad recipes and misleading or false information, to help you make better Chicago style pizzas at home. While this site will contain opinions mixed into the articles, the information provided will be as accurate as I can make it based on the research I can acquire or confirm, so I hope you will understand if articles need to be corrected or updated with new information from time to time.
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I don’t run a restaurant. I bake pizzas at home, have a fondness for Chicago style pizzas, and I imagine some of you do too. This website is not meant to replace the thousands of places in Chicago-land serving up these styles to the masses. If anything, it should increase your appreciation for the skill and craft of making pizzas, the power of commercial deck ovens, and the convenience of ordering a pizza for delivery or pickup.


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