Holiday Deep Dish!!! – YAY, PIZZA!

Sadly, this is the only photo of those pizzas,
as they were quickly eaten to hide the evidence.
p.s. – mmmmmmmmmm pizza!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Deep Dish!!! – YAY, PIZZA!”

  1. Thanks for posting! The pizza style is actually based on Lou Malnatis/Pizzeria Uno, but it is also close to Gino's.
    If you haven't seen them yet, please read all of my posts (rants) about pizza :
    One of them gives you some hints about Gino's.

    Also, you can find a lot of people with information over at forum who can help you with your quest for Gino's perfection.

  2. hi, i made that " ginos east " style pizza from the recipe you posted. I have to say it is very good! something in between giordanos and ginos. I am obsessed with trying to make a ginos replica so i think i might make your recipe again and substitute some of the regular flour with barley flour? I noticed in the ginos ingredient list there is barley flour. Not sure if you know what im talking about , but THANKS FOR THE RECIPE IT RULED XO

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