Home-made Italian Sausage Deep Dish and the Pepperoni Pequod Hybrid

I made two test pizzas tonight.
One was my first made with a layer of home-made Italian sausage, which tasted great!

The other was a modified version of my deep dish pepperoni pizza that I ‘Pequodified’
by kneading the dough by hand a few extra turns and leaving the dough level instead of raising the outer lip. Also, I surrounded the outside of the dough with slices of sharp cheddar to make a charred outer crust. The Pequod hybrid is going to take a few tries until I get it right because the caramelization of the outer crust is difficult to get without over-cooking the other ingredients. It also tasted great!

5 thoughts on “Home-made Italian Sausage Deep Dish and the Pepperoni Pequod Hybrid”

  1. What dough recipe did you use for this pizza ? Is it the Malnati’s dough but just not raising the edges ? I have not been to Pequods or Burt’s Place yet ( very soon), but I saw a few videos of Burt building a pizza and I didn’t see him using cheddar on the edges, it looked like mozzarella – was this change just something you wanted to try ?

    Love the site !


    1. Hi, Anthony.
      Since this was five years ago, I don’t exactly recall which dough was used here, but I do remember that I did a lot of testing and tweaking of a Pequod style dough recipe that I have not yet perfected. I’ve tried the style with the deep dish dough, but the crust ends up too dense.

      EDIT: After rereading this article, it looks like I took a deep dish dough recipe and overkneaded it on purpose to get more stretch out of the dough. It’s not recommended. Don’t do it. Seriously don’t. It will make you sad.

      After many test runs, I ditched the cheddar. Low Moisture Whole Milk mozzarella seems to work better than the Low Moisture Part Skim, but you can use either. The trick is to make sure you don’t press the dough out all the way for this style. The cheese and the sauce need a place to run down the sides so they can caramelize into that outer blackened crust that we all crave.

      THE GOOD NEWS: On a whim, I used one of my Chicago Thin Crust dough batches (for a 14″ thin crust; recipe on the site) and made a 12″ Pequod style pizza that came out really well, so I may, in the near future, post a recipe using the same thin dough with new instructions for assembly and baking.

      Thanks for visiting and happy pizza-ing!

      p.s. : here’s a pic of one of my last ‘Quod test pizzas done with the thin crust dough and sauce recipes. Tasted great!

      Pequod Test Pizza 20150130

      1. Thanks – I am really looking forward to seeing the Chicago Thin Crust recipe you used. Correct me if I’m wrong….is that recipe that you used the Thin Crust Pequads style the same type of crust that is similar to a Pizano’s Thin Crust but you just adapted a Pequods style , with the cheese and sauce overlapping the sides ?
        Your photo above looks amazing !!!

        Would love the detailed recipe for your pizza sometime.



        ( Passport to my Kitchen )

        1. OK, maybe there’s some confusion here.
          The Pequod style pizza that was featured in the article was a test that used a DEEP DISH dough recipe (which is based on Lou Malnati’s / Pizzeria Uno) that I modified.

          The Pequod style that I posted in the comment above was made with the Chicago Thin Crust pizza dough and sauce recipe that is ON THIS SITE – LOOK AT THE LINKS UP TOP (which is NOT based on Pizano’s , but is closer to Vito & Nick’s or a general Chicago thin crust).
          I’ll get the Pequod Clone Recipe up eventually. Stay tuned & thanks for visiting Real Deep Dish!

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