A Deep Dish Video


A Deep Dish Video

music by THE RUB

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  1. Being in AZ but from Chicago I spend hundreds every other weekend for the kids and hubby on the Lou Malnati’s four pizza’s so this weekend I want to try to make it from scratch is it possible to send me the actual recipe complete from start to finish? I would probably make four of them. I am also trying to get Giordano’s to let me open one here in east valley AZ. OMG Lou Malnati’s and Portillo’s is doing a killing out here right now! In fact Lou is opening another one in Arcadia which is Scottsdale. But I think I have spent a thousand already on all the pizza’s I bought. I want to make some stuffed and some deep dish can you help me and send me the complete recipe on both you make it look sooo easy but when I do it there is a mess everywhere. I have learned over my 20 yr marriage how to make Challah, mandel bread or if you like biscotti’s and homemade tamale’s but I have been scared to try the pizza. Please help!

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