The DEEP DISH PIZZA SAVES LIVES Tee Shirt Fundraiser [is over]


The Deep Dish Pizza Saves Lives fundraiser has ended. YOU SNOOZE/YOU LOSE!

Sorry, you missed out on this tee, but if there’s enough interest, I may release a new one in the future.

Keep a look out for the upcoming “Chicago Thin Crust” limited edition tee.
Coming as soon as I finalize the design.

If you missed out on this offer or if for some reason the link stops working,
you can see future Portfolio Collection offerings at the official storefront on Bonfire:

UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, I will also be offering non-expiring designs at my new-ish RedBubble Shop, where you can find the amazing “Pizza Accords. Chicago/New York” tees and merch!

Pizza Accords button

Don’t want a tee shirt, but still want to help?
You can make a donation
via CashApp at:$realdeepdish

Thanks so much for your support!

Hello. In case you missed it, I’m doing a tee shirt fundraiser to help pay the bills.
This is the first official design from my portfolio collection: #1 – Deep Dish Saves Lives


** UPDATE **
The first print run deadline for my Bonfire exclusive DEEP DISH PIZZA SAVES LIVES tee shirt fundraiser has passed… 
but I didn’t reach my sales goal, so I’ve extended the order to a second print run,
which makes this FANTASTIC for YOU if you missed the 1st print batch deadline to order one!

It is a limited edition item.
Order by JANUARY 6,
and the SECOND batch run starts shipping on January 14.

I HAVE DEEP DISH PIZZA TEES and you want them! 
Thanks to everyone who has ordered in the 1st printing, and/or will be ordering in the upcoming print run.

You can order yours at

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