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If you got here from the Deep Dish Holy Grail recipe, a bunch of things have happened since then, including a handful of new recipe additions, including the RDD Quick Dough recipe, which I actually prefer to use for deep dish pizza these days.
Please enjoy the links below, but also head back to the RDD home page to check out The ‘Quod and Tavern Style Thin Crust recipes and other articles.

If you haven’t gotten your fill from
DeepDish101 and The Pizza Rants,
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Deep Dish Pizza Baking Equipment:

You can always look for your favorite pizza baking equipment,
but here are a few items that I can recommend.

Deep Dish Pans:

I own a few AMCO (American Metalcraft) pans,
which I use often for making Deep Dish.

American Metalcraft Hard Coat Pizza Pan – 12″


The ones I have are silver in color and have a non-stick coating.

Many deep dish pizza enthusiasts like the darker coated deep dish pans.
The main reason is that darker colored cookware absorbs heat more efficiently than light or reflective cookware.

On the right are Chicago Metallic and Allied brands, which do have the dark coating. Both manufacturers are well known for their bakeware.

Deep Dish Pan Gripper:
This tool makes it easy to move deep dish pans from oven to cooling rack.
Invert the pan gripper to carry pizzas from the cooling rack down the hall and across the street, up several flights of stairs to your neighbor’s table. OK, maybe not that far, but you get my point.

Pan Gripper for Deep Dish Pans

Serving Spatula (turner/cutter/pie server):
The serving spatula needs to be strong enough to cut straight down through the crust, and also able to support a slice as you lift it from the pan.
You can’t use a pizza roller for deep dish because you can never get the roller to reach the corner-edges of the pan.

Mundial Turner 5685 with Black Handle

Mercer Hell’s Handle 6×3 High Heat-Square Edge Turner

Pizza Stone:

Best Manufacturers 14″x16″ Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven 14″x16″ Pizza Stone

A pizza or baking stone is a very useful thing to keep in the lowest rack of your oven. It is great for baking breads or pizzas, and helps to regulate the heat in your oven. When you place a deep dish pan onto a preheated stone in your oven, you will achieve a more evenly baked pizza with a crispier crust.

I prefer the baking stones that are 5/8″ or thicker, but you can find more affordable 1/2″ or 3/8″ stones that will work just fine.

American Metalcraft Economy Rectangular Pizza Stone, 15″ x 14″
The Cheese Knife.
If you ever plan to cut your own slices of mozzarella from a large block, this knife is a must! Invented in the 1940’s to cut thru Velveeta, the specially designed plastic blade on this knife cuts through soft and hard cheeses like butter!
Other Stuff

Ladle JR3219, 16 oz. 14″ handle


Allied Dough Retarding Proofing Pan DP900


Cheese/Spice Shakers 6 oz. – One Dozen

Crestware Non-Skid Stainless Bowl