Pizza Hut Working for Skynet

Pizza Hut is giving away free pizzas to anyone named John or Sarah Connor on May 21st, 2009. This message just received thru time-shift encrypted untraceable terminator-proof communications network: “Nice try, Skynet, but we like authentic Chicago deep dish! – J.C.”

Pizza Rant #2: The Deep Dish Pizza Conundrum

For a few weeks now, I’ve been pondering the possibility of reproducing an acceptible version of a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at home. I’ve been searching for pizza dough recipes (There’s a minor controversy about corn meal; I’ll write about that later), and I’ve also been looking for the proper pans to bake them in. Then the Obama thing happened… Read More »Pizza Rant #2: The Deep Dish Pizza Conundrum

Pizza Rant #1 of many to come

I’m all worked up about pizza right now because our beloved President Obama has chosen to fly his Deep Dish Chicago style pizza from … ST. FREAKIN LOUIS! I’ll chalk this one up to higher priorities (fixin our economy, iraq, afghanistan, flying in the Jonas Brothers for his daughters ) and a limited experience with St. Louis and their history… Read More »Pizza Rant #1 of many to come