Pizza Hut Working for Skynet

Pizza Hut is giving away free pizzas to anyone named John or Sarah Connor on May 21st, 2009. This message just received thru time-shift encrypted untraceable terminator-proof communications network: “Nice try, Skynet, but we like authentic Chicago deep dish! – J.C.”

Pizza Rant #2: The Deep Dish Pizza Conundrum

For a few weeks now, I’ve been pondering the possibility of reproducing an acceptible version of a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at home. I’ve been searching for pizza dough recipes (There’s a minor controversy about corn meal; I’ll write about that later), and I’ve also been looking for the proper pans to bake them in. Then the Obama thing happened (he ordered deep dish from St. Louis. Read Pizza Rant #1) and I figured I should start blogging about my minor culinary quest. DEEP DISH PIZZA… THE PAN After a bit of exhaustive research, I’ve done it. I’ve ordered some deep dish pizza pans. From my google-assisted investigation, I’ve learned that tin-plated steel* is the way to go (aluminized steel is even better) instead of… Read More »Pizza Rant #2: The Deep Dish Pizza Conundrum

Pizza Rant #1 of many to come

I’m all worked up about pizza right now because our beloved President Obama has chosen to fly his Deep Dish Chicago style pizza from … ST. FREAKIN LOUIS! I’ll chalk this one up to higher priorities (fixin our economy, iraq, afghanistan, flying in the Jonas Brothers for his daughters ) and a limited experience with St. Louis and their history of ‘pizza’. Mister President, not all midwest pizza is the same. Normally, when talking about pizza, people divide into two categories and start a ‘NY vs Chicago, Deep Dish vs Thin Crust’ war. Often, I argue that you’re comparing apples to oranges. Few can argue that pizza started in Italy and the original American concept of pizza was created (quite nicely) by east coast Italians… Read More »Pizza Rant #1 of many to come