SuperBACON Deep Dish! – The ‘Superbowl’ of Deep Dish Pizza

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The Plan: To make an ALL BACON Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.

Prepared deep dish dough (secret recipe handed down from south cicero monks – hint.. absolutely NO cornmeal!), let it rise for one hour, then put it in a ziploc bag in the fridge for an overnight snooze.
Gave my 12″ cast iron pan a slow cookin’ workout, frying up a pound of thick cut bacon and an additional package of center-cut thin bacon to soft/partly crispy doneness. Drained on paper towels, cooled and tossed in the fridge overnight.

Super Sunday:
2 hours before gametime, dough is removed from fridge. My 5 lb brick of mozzarella (YAY, SAM’S CLUB!) is placed in the freezer to make slicing easier. The 14″ deep dish pan comes out of storage.  Leftover bacon grease (source of all life in the universe) is used to grease the bottom of the pan.
Dough is pressed out into the pan in the usual way, and the cheese comes out of the freezer for slicing. One pound of sliced mozzarella covers the bottom and I grab the bacon out of the fridge. The center-cut bacon gets chopped into strips and is spread all over top of the cheese.

The thick cut bacon gets sliced into pepperoni sized pieces and is dusted with a light coating of flour and cracked black pepper (think shake n’ bake!).

A mixture of Diced and Crushed tomatoes with basil covers the bacon strips and cheese, and then the top of the pie is covered with grated romano cheese and finally the bacon pieces.

Into the oven !!!
35-40 minutes later…

Congratulations, New Orleans Saints on your very first Superbowl win at your first Superbowl EVER!
May your victory be filled with bacony goodness!

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